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Get a customised energy solution from experts to maintain power supply and reduce your bills at home.

Get a customised energy solution from experts to maintain power supply and reduce your bills at home. Rubicon offers access to high-quality products and skilled installers for hassle-free installation of smart energy solutions.

why choose us?

We connect you with top-notch installers
and products

Rubicon utilises advanced and efficient technology, offers a range of kit options, and provides comprehensive professional support to identify the ideal solar and battery solution tailored to your requirements.

High-quality kits

Our PV and backup solutions contain high-quality components engineered to meet your home’s power needs.

SSEG applications

Your installer can complete the mandatory SSEG registration on your behalf, through the Rubicon platform. That means less hassle for you.

Accredited experts

You will be in good hands with a trusted and reputable installer from our national network of highly skilled, accredited installers.

Find your solution

Our user-friendly calculator will help determine which solar or battery solution best suits your needs, as well as the costs involved and the potential returns.

Support we offer

Our highly skilled, experienced technical support team is available to assist you with your selected system.

Need an estimate?

Secure your energy future with a tailor-made, expertly-designed solution and experience seamless installation with premium products.

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our process flow

Efficient Energy Solution Process


Take the first step

Select one of our kit solutions to get an estimate of what it will cost to escape loadshedding and satisfy your home’s specific energy requirement.


We take it from there

Our Energy Advisors will reach out and make sure you know exactly what you are getting and when. We will make sure that we have what we need for a successful install.



Once we are all on the same page and you have agreed to the quote, either you or your Rubicon-approved finance partner pay for the solution, and we handle the rest.


Installation day

Your stock and our trusted installer will be on site – the install will be as painless as the process. They will be in and out, leaving you as happy as can be - ready for loadshedding.


The handover

While you lay back and monitor your system on your app, your installer will make sure all municipal applications are approved. No more loadshedding – now go tell the neighbours!

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